The event starts at two o'clock in the afternoon.
Michalská veža


How did cities look like in the Middle Ages and what did they actually need fortifications for? What did medieval Bratislava have and know? Enter with us into Michael‘s Tower and explore its function, functioning of the city walls and their construction.

This event is a part of the series entitled MAKRO and MIKRO thanks to which you will be able to explore exhibitions and buildings of the Bratislava City Museum. Guided tours and lectures will be provided by trained staff of the Museum.

✹ Entrance fee: free of charge. The capacity of the event is limited, please reserve a spot online on GoOut.net: https://goout.net/sk/makro-premeny-michalskej-veze/szwoeyw/. One ticket reservation equals to one person (adult or child). 
✹ The event will be held in English.
✹ The event is sponsored by the partners Unicef and City Hall of Bratislava City.


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